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“I wanted to create an endowment that would last in perpetuity and help the community of Southend indefinitely into the future when its problems would be even more complex than they are now.”

Howard Briggs
Founder of the Southend Fund (2001)
Mayor 2001/2002

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About The Southend Community Fund

What is now the Southend Community Fund has been created as
a long term endowed fund which will last in perpetuity.
The Fund is innovative and it differs from other charities in the
following ways:
1. As it grows – it invests all monies collected and uses the
earned income from these investments to fund its
grants, preserving the capital for future sustainability.
2. It provides a targeted focus on our local community,
but aims to support the broadest spectrum of activity.
3. Volunteers from local businesses and organisations join
local residents to raise funds and award grants.
The Southend Community Fund is managed by the Essex
Community Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1052061) an
independent charitable trust which distributes grants on behalf
of donors in Essex.
All applications are monitored by the ECF and a panel of local
people in Southend agrees the successful applicants and
awards the grants.

How it Works

Flexibility is the key to the success of this fund. Donors can give anonymously or publicly and can specify which type of good cause they would wish to see benefit. Companies can pool their local charitable budget for greater impact. Local fundraising organisations can regularly donate a percentage of their income in the secure knowledge that their contribution will be sustained. Existing charitable trusts can be transferred across to The Southend Fund with the certainty that their original terms of reference will be honoured. Legacies will be managed within the fund according to the wishes of the deceased.

The fund is designed to grow to provide a capital sum for posterity while providing much needed funds for grantmaking each year.

The Southend Fund was originally set up by Cllr. Howard Briggs during his mayoral year of 2001-2002 specifically to produce a regular source of income in future years to support charitable activity in Southend. Southend boasts a dynamic voluntary sector, with around 600 charitable organisations actively providing support and help to those in most need and enriching the arts and culture of our community. However, as locally-based groups, often known only to those using their services, they have difficulty in raising the funding needed to carry out their work. They often have to compete for funds with high-profile, nationally-known charities.

Voluntary and Community Organisations supported by the Fund include:

Trinity Family Centre
Trust Links Ltd
Tram Stop Shelter
SOS Domestic Abuse Projects
National Coastwatch Institution – Southend
Breathe Easy Southend
Southend Carers’ Forum
Southend On Sea Bus Project
Essex Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs
St Andrew’s Open House
4th Southchurch Special Needs Scout Group
Southend United Community and Education Trust
Southend Vineyard
HARP (Homeless Action Resource Project)
Southend on Sea Citizens Advice Bureau
St Andrew’s Open House
SOS Domestic Abuse Projects
Balmoral Community Centre Association
Trinity Football Club
Different Strokes-Southend
DIAL Southend
Headway Essex
The Peaceful Place
Southend Community-in-Harmony Partnership
Southend District Mental Health Association
Home-Start South East Essex
Royal Association for Deaf People – Southend Group
SAFE (Supporting Asperger Families in Essex)
Volunteer Reading Help
Essex Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs